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Sports & Rec coating will lift, protect and boost the appearance of new or tired, worn and pitted recreational areas. Without the necessity of a primer, Sports & Rec will bond tenaciously to concrete, asphalt or timber bases if used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Sports & Rec provides you with a surface of unparalleled wear resistance and non-slip characteristics proven in the uncompromising world of sports activities. In addition, this multi purpose system can also be used in areas such as driveways, car parks and other traffic-able applications.


A unnique formula of binders and mineral fillers ensure that the coating will outlast conventional acrylics, because it cures harder and has long term resistance to weathering and fading, and excellent wear and water resistance. The ante fungal / mould additive provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, which performs and lasts longer than most products, with a range of UV stable colours included.

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