The Plexipave family of products are 100% acrylic / latex surfaces finished with intense hardwearing colour. They are ideal for tennis courts, netball courts, athletic tracks, cycling tracks, outdoor basketball courts, multipurpose sports areas and light traffic pathways. The Plexipave colour finish system offers 10 popular standard colours that are all-weather durable, quick drying and provide superior resistance to deterioration. Each layer contributes to the overall affect of the product and the finishing layer produces a surface ideally suited to tennis with less ball and shoe wear.
Plexipave (Cycling)  is an acrylic, multi-layer coating that provides a textured and durable surface for cyclists. Regardless of the climate, Plexipave is a fast drying surface that enhances performance through optimum traction and an anti-glare finish to improve visibility. Plexipave (Cycling) also acts as an environmentally friendly protective cover for an asphalt or concrete base and is highly durable in all weather conditions. It is fast drying, easy to repair and economical to maintain.

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