Laura Geitz, former Australian Netball Captain, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist and World Champion, has joined forces with California Sports Surfaces (CSS), to promote their quality court surfaces to the broader Australian netball community.

CSS is the global leader in acrylic sports surface systems for indoor and outdoor netball, tennis, basketball and portable courts. Significantly, CSS has the most popular netball and tennis brands in the world, Plexipave and Rebound Ace in their armoury. The mother of one, who recently confirmed her intention to return to competition next year explained “As athletes we talk so much about injury prevention and in my eyes it needs to start from a very young age. My aim is to make sure the many thousands of Netball participants in Australia have the opportunity to enjoy the game on the most comfortable of surfaces, and CSS has fantastic long-lasting options available.”

It’s important to keep a close watch of surface trends. Steven Lock, Managing Director of California Sports Surfaces explains, “As a global supplier we are privy to seeing emerging trends in surface choice. In New Zealand for example, netball continues to prioritise investing in our cushioned courts. Our courts are chosen for their quality and longevity, but most importantly they are chosen to benefit clubs and their participants.”

Laura was drawn to the high standards, profile and credibility behind CSS’s work. “There is no doubting the consistency and regard for California Sports Surfaces, both globally and in Australia. I am impressed at the breadth and scale of their work and their custom designed products for netball”.

CSS partners with experienced applicators and court builders in Australia and worldwide. They are fully trained and accredited for the supply and installation of their products. Steven Lock confirmed

his business’s commitment to sport in Australia: “Force reducing cushioned courts help reduce injuries and contribute to club sustainability by prolonging an individual’s participation in the game. We are excited to be working in partnership with one of Australia’s most decorated netballers”. Geitz has signed on for a two year term to work with CSS.


California Sports Surfaces o er a premier variety of acrylic surface systems by DecoTurf, Plexipave, Rebound Ace, Plexitrac, Guardian Crack Repair, Premier Court, and Premier Sports Coatings. They provide comfortable and high-performance surfaces for tennis, track, basketball, netball, and decorative projects.

DecoTurf, Plexipave, and Rebound Ace are known as the surfaces of the world’s most prestigious tennis tournaments. Of the four Grand Slam tournaments, two are on cushioned tennis courts. California Sports Surface takes claim to both of them. The US Open is played on DecoTurf while the Australian Open uses Plexipave. The Plexitrac line of cushioned track systems o er tracks for any performance level and location.

California Sports Surfaces is a division of Innovative Chemical Products – Construction (USA).

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